All of us at the New York Book Forum hope this month’s letter finds you in a festive fall mood as we look toward the holidays. I am feeling grateful this month for the progress the Forum has made in 2021, including our virtual programs—available to you our YouTube channel—as well as an interview with Jay Diskey, industry expert on educational publishing.

Next month you will hear from Lauren White-Jackson who has recently joined us as the Forum’s program director. Lauren and her volunteers have been busy discussing meeting new programming formats for the year ahead. Additionally, board members Karen Romano and Sara Maher have been working with on a new book donation platform and other literacy outreach efforts. At this month’s board meeting we brainstormed ideas for educational tutorials on the art of book making.

As a reminder, the Forum’s board of directors is extending a complimentary six-month membership to all interested at no charge. Those interested will be welcome to sign up for a committee to help us move forward in the community.

I continue to extend my thanks to all of the people working so hard to launch the New York Book Forum’s efforts into 2022 and beyond!

Martha Hanson
Vice President
New York Book Forum, Inc.