20th May, 24

NYBF Spotlight

2024-05-20T06:11:42-04:00May 20, 2024|NYBF Updates, Spotlight|

Alison Gervais Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Alison Gervais and I am the Director of Production at Abrams Books. I oversee our Adult and Kids divisions as well as some imprints under the Abrams Comic Arts division. I moved to the Bronx just a few years ago after 25 [...]

1st Mar, 24

NYBF Spotlight

2024-03-11T10:10:55-04:00March 1, 2024|NYBF Updates, Spotlight|

Tell us a little about yourself I'm Brigid Black, Senior Production Manager at Simon & Schuster and Vice President of the New York Book Forum. I'm originally from Brooklyn. My family uprooted to southern Maine in 2020 when remote work became a reality. I've been working from home ever since. My non-book related [...]

22nd Feb, 24

New York Book Forum and BISG events

2024-02-22T14:15:39-05:00February 22, 2024|Articles / Interviews|

By Tyler Carey For the past few years, getting together at the end of the year to celebrate as we typically did pre-pandemic was challenging for a lot of folks for obvious reasons. Even last year, as I attempted to put together a small focus group meeting in mid-December for one of the markets we [...]

24th Oct, 23

How Podcasts are Helping Books Reach Larger Audiences

2023-10-24T19:45:22-04:00October 24, 2023|Articles / Interviews|

By Anne McCarthy Once upon a time, in the early aughts, podcasts—a portmanteau created from the words iPod and broadcasts—were a newfangled, mysterious medium developed to download online radio broadcasts to iPods. Today, in 2023, there are over three million podcasts worldwide, according to ListenNotes. However, only 44 percent of those podcasts create more than [...]

24th Feb, 23

Why Are Audiobooks So Popular?

2023-02-24T10:12:16-05:00February 24, 2023|Articles / Interviews|

By Anne McCarthy Actress Viola Davis joined EGOT status when she won a Grammy this month for her audiobook performance for her memoir Finding Me, published by HarperCollins in April 2022. The Hollywood powerhouse now has a Grammy, an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Tony, and she has her work in the audiobook field to [...]

17th Feb, 23

A Preview of 2023 Programming

2023-10-24T11:24:30-04:00February 17, 2023|NYBF Updates|

A Preview of 2023 Programming Looking ahead at the year to come New York Book Forum is excited to announce a slate of events and informational panels for 2023! This year's lineup features a wide range of topics, including modern marketing, self-publishing, romance novels, and more. While we are still finalizing the details and [...]

10th Feb, 23

Election of officers for 2023

2023-02-17T09:13:42-05:00February 10, 2023|NYBF Updates|

We are happy to announce the election of PEGGY SAMEDI as president of New York Book Forum. Peggy has been a regular attendee of board meetings in her capacity as co-chair for the New York Book Show and formally joined the board as a director in 2022. The convergence of Peggy’s steadfast support of the [...]

5th Jan, 23

Introducing a New York Book Forum podcast!

2023-05-29T17:13:09-04:00January 5, 2023|NYBF Updates|

Happy New Year! We at the New York Book Forum are pleased to introduce a new feature for 2023: podcast-formatted versions of our virtual and live events! Our first foray into audio was recorded December 12, 2022: “Opening a Bookstore”—The How-To Guide for Design, Market Outreach, and Success—is an exclusive peek into the debut of [...]

27th Sep, 22

The Proliferation of Political Books in the United States Today

2022-09-27T18:47:52-04:00September 27, 2022|Articles / Interviews|

By Anne McCarthy Washington lawyer Robert Barnett is one of the premier authors’ representatives in the world for political books. His clients include Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Dick Cheney. Barnett, who’s a partner at D.C. law firm Williams & Connolly, tells New York Book Forum why he believes political books remain [...]

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