A Preview of 2023 Programming

Looking ahead at the year to come

New York Book Forum is excited to announce a slate of events and informational panels for 2023! This year’s lineup features a wide range of topics, including modern marketing, self-publishing, romance novels, and more.

While we are still finalizing the details and dates for each event, we are committed to providing dynamic and engaging experiences for all attendees, with some panels in-person, and others virtual.

Join us for an unforgettable year of learning and stay tuned for more information about March’s event coming soon!

MARCH—The Importance of Agents

What do literary agents do, and why do you need one? Join NYBF for an illuminating discussion of the critical role agents play in the publishing ecosystem. Whether developing editorial relationships and marketing strategy or providing expert insight about a particular genre, discover how an agent’s work builds bridges between authors, publishers, and readers.

APRIL—The Debut Author and Modern Marketing

From pitch letters and review outlets, to BookTok and Bookstagram, this NYBF panel takes on the complex world of modern book marketing. Join industry professionals to discuss the challenges facing today’s first-time authors, and the creative strategies opening up new channels for reaching readers. Audience outreach is ever-changing, so whatever your level of experience, you might learn something new!

JUNE JULY—A Look at Love: The New Voices of Romance

Everyone has their own idea about what makes a romance novel . . . but how has the genre changed over the years? As previously untold love stories have entered the market, how have writers, publishers, and readers responded? From old tropes to new trends, join NYBF and a panel of experts to discuss the secret to success in the ever-evolving genre of romance.

AUGUST SEPTEMBER—A Lapse in Literacy: How We Fight Back

Promoting literacy among various communities is a critical part of the NYBF mission. We are thrilled to host this panel discussing the organizations and initiatives fighting to enhance literacy education, particularly among underserved communities. Join us as we tackle the ongoing conversation: What is already being done? And what can we do better?

OCTOBER (DATE TK)—Modern Horror: What Makes Us Jump Today

Creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky, horror has always been a genre of groundbreaking storytelling. From novels to comics and beyond, we’re here to explore the landscape of modern horror. Guided by a panel of experts, we will learn what gives us the shivers, which places are delving into spooky tales, and how we continue to see the genre grow.

NOVEMBER (DATE TK)—The Art of Self-Publishing

The wide world of self-publishing has grown in the last few decades by leaps and bounds. Pushing well beyond the vanity presses of yore, digital landscapes have exponentially increased opportunities to reach readers outside of traditional publishing. As those opportunities grow, so too do businesses, and individuals are eager to explore the new territory. In an area often defined by breaking down boundaries, who are today’s players, and how have they found success?