As the year comes to an end, we find ourselves remembering a year of literary accolades, challenges, and successes. We see ourselves holding onto the soothing belief that stories will triumph over ever-changing odds, and with each one of us playing a valuable role, we continue to ensure a future where that remains true. There is something magical that happens during the holiday season: as our colleagues share images of their families and we fail to hold back our loving smiles through the screen, we remember the incredible people working beside us each and every day.

Here within the Forum, we are designing a list of programs that will capture the trends we continue to see throughout our industry. From BookTok’s effect on sales to streaming services’ effect on reprints, the possibilities are endless. Together, we are working to expand the forum’s outreach through connection with schools and young professionals. Two new members to the committee for programming—Kelsey Nicholson and Jennifer Velten—have joined us in our efforts and continue to make incredible contributions through valued ideas and enthusiasm. Building bridges across the publishing world remains at the center of our mission, with various board members drawing focus toward an educational future filled with tutorials and the value of readership. Though we will not be holding an event in January, our list of upcoming programs will be made available soon, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Please be sure to stay warm and safe during this wonderful season. We extend our gratitude to you as valued members of the community, and look forward to the strides we will make in 2022.

Lauren White-Jackson
Program Director
New York Book Forum, Inc.