March seems to have vanished! Snow turns to rain, as ever. These foggy mornings do little to expand on the flush of tires cutting puddles, cars bleating. But just today, in Brooklyn—where the daffodils have risen—I clocked the first sign of a brood on my fire escape: an egg in a planter filled with wild grass, watched over by two expectant mourning doves.

The local feathers have been true companions these past two years. They watch me sift emails, flip book pages, squawk at my phone, virtually attend countless meetings and events. Are you soon returning to work, they coo, dreamily? Could you grant us some solace for a chick? All this to say: my colleagues at the New York Book Forum have begun discussing an in-person launch party. The peeping has been non-stop.

If you tuned into our March 23 program on adaptations, thank you dearly for your viewership! Watch the Show, Grab the Book was the most well-attended event in our short history. It was also our first LIVE discussion, converging panelists from across the country. The recording is available to view here on our YouTube channel, or via the events page on our website (through which you can access all past programming).

Next up, we’ll do our best to tackle supply chain interruptions. On Wednesday, May 18, we’ll host our second LIVE discussion tentatively named Paper Pause. A full list of participants is still to come. We’ll stream this program on YouTube, with questions welcome in the chat box. If you have any specifics you’d like us to cover, feel free to email questions ahead of time to

And . . . a reminder that you can now become a member of the NYBF with a limited offer of six months FREE membership. The application form is live on our website. Please look out for further emails and notices issued from the Forum’s social media accounts, I’ve got a fluttering sense we’ll be inviting you out to celebrate our inception in the coming months.

Zachary Lutz
Asst. VP & Creative Director
New York Book Forum, Inc.