The norm-shattering event that forced us into remote-working lives, removed from the benefits of in-person engagement, may finally be coming to an end! But the new beginning will likely be an incomplete—or very different—restoration of work as we knew it in 2019 and prior thereto.

Despite unparalleled book sales, we face urgent crises. Remote learning has wrought adverse consequences to schools and literacy, as well as we’re shocked by the resurgence of book bans and challenges to curricula. Efforts to guide diversity, equity and inclusion remain essential; meanwhile, colleagues are embracing—or abandoning—remote work. We continue to cope with supply-side mayhem, our yearning to be liberated from virtual meetings . . . these just a distillation of the many concerns we face after this terrible, disruptive global health crisis. These and many other issues now propel the need for an organization to examine and exchange information.

New York Book Forum seeks to participate as a member-driven resource in this re-emergence, defining among its organizational goals an opportunity to begin anew. We aspire to provide in-person meetings with compelling programs and speakers; affiliate with organizations promoting reading; expand our membership to include diverse voices; and contribute all manner of services in the dissemination of written and spoken word.

As a non-profit, NYBF will work to expand by conceiving strategies to contribute to education and literacy. We will also strive to be a ‘go-to’ place for all individuals curious about our extraordinary publishing industry. We also plan to sponsor the beloved New York Book Show celebrating the design and manufacture of books (as soon as we able to set plans for the event in the coming year.)

Membership fees are waived for the first six months, but thereafter will be nominal ($25/year). I invite you to visit the membership page of our website to join today.

And we need volunteers! All ideas are welcome; participate to assist NYBF continually evolve and provide you with opportunities for leadership roles.

Look out for our next virtual program scheduled for March 23, organized by our excellent program committee headed by Lauren White-Jackson. This panel discussion will explore the notable impact of streaming services on books as content resources, driving sales and reprints.

With optimism—recognizing it’s just a month more to spring—we welcome you to NYBF and wish everyone all the best.

Andy Hughes
Board Member
New York Book Forum, Inc.